The week has been hectic as well fulfilling to the students of SMK St Teresa. Not only there was amazing speeches from different clubs, various awards have finally been given to commemorate the students achievements on competitions and events that has been going on over the past few months.

Our school Girl Guides on promoting their organization

Our school’s Girl Guides on promoting their organisation

Cikgu Dayang Annuriza’s sharing on our school’s band

Our school’s Red Crescent Society members on promoting their organisation


3R 3rd place winner: 2 Joy

3R 1st place winner: 1 Faith

3R 2nd place winner: 5 Love

Uniformed Corps Carnival Winners

Marching competition

1st Place: Kadet Polis

2nd Place: Joyful Vanguard

3rd Place: Persatuan Pandu Puteri dan SLAD



Best Commander: Fidelis Sopia (Kadet Polis)

Winner of ‘Video Montaj’: St Teresa Band

Winner of ‘Bantu Mula Patah Tangan’: Red Crescent Society

Winner of ‘Simpulan dan Ikatan’: Kadet Bomba dan Penyelamat

Sports Carnival Winners

Inter-class Futsal Competition Lower Form winner: 1 Joy

Inter-Class Futsal Competition Higher Form Winner: 5 Faith

Inter-House Netball Competition: Egan

Inter-House Sofball Competition: Egan

O’Driscoll, Best Sports House in Category B

Sylvia, Best Sports House in Category A and C as well as the overall best Sports House in 2022.

Poetry Recitation Competition

Congratulation Nurdamia Aifa binti Shokri for placing 5th place in the  ‘Sayembara Deklamasi Puisi & Lagu Puisi’ competition.

Love and Serve,

Adila binti Rafaie

4 Joy 2022