On the 29th of February 2020, our school held the annual Parents Teacher Association meeting at SK St. Teresa’s hall. The main purpose of the annual meeting was to meet up with the parents to discuss and  help improve the overall performance of the school.

The meeting started at approximately 8.30a.m. with the opening speech of Mr. Thomas, the current ex chairman of the PTA. It was followed by  the activities report of 2019 from the secretary, Madam Chong Chin Yee and the going-through of the financial statement from the treasurer, Madam Tan Pek Huang.

The committee had a Q&A session with the parents where the parents were able to ask about the performance and suggest ways to further improve the school. After that, a ceremony was held whereby certificates were presented to show appreciation to the now retired board of committees who had served the parents-teachers association well over the past years.

The meeting continues with the election of the new board of committee members. The new posts foir the parent-teacher association committee is listed below:

Chairperson: Madam Christina Tan

Vice Chairperson: Dr. Siti Medinah

Committee members:

-Madam Jenepher Bada

-Madam Evelyn Tay

-Madam Sinorin Francis

-Madam Cecilia Kamapathy

-Madam Grace

-Mr. Milton

-Mr Franky

The meeting was adjourned at around 10.35a.m. Light refreshments were served after the meeting.

Love and serve,

Angeline Michelle