The 20th of November 2019 marked the end of our beloved Mdm Rashidah’s service to the school. After 11 years of hard work and dedication, Mdm Rashidah has chosen to relinquish her role as an educator to be with her family. Her retirement was held at the primary school’s hall from 11.30 a.m. to 12.50 p.m.

     A heartwarming speech was given by Mdm Mary, our principal, expressing her appreciation and gratitude towards Mdm Rashidah. This was followed by a tear jerking speech from Mdm Rashidah herself. She received multiple gifts from her fellow colleagues as well as her beloved students. There were several performances from the students, which included the school’s choral speaking team and the dance club. After a quick photo taking session, the teachers then proceeded to the ICT Room for some refreshments. Mdm Rashidah’s sweet and cheerful smile will be greatly missed by all.
To love and serve,
Jessica Lee