On Saturday, the 14th of October, SMK St Teresa held a Sukan Rakyat.The students and teachers involved were gathered at the school compound by 7 a.m. The event began with an aerobic warm-up guided by Mr Hafeez from Fit Studio. The event continued with the registration of students who took part and resumed with fun-filled competitions such as giant clogs or known as ‘terompah gergasi’, coconut bowling, sepak takraw, marble competition, batu seremban and tin throwing competition.

The teachers present took part in the games as well as they did not want to miss out the fun. The event finally ended at 9:15 with the announcing of results. The winner of the overall competition goes to the sports house Sylvia followed by O’Driscoll, Egan, Connaughton, Cheetham and finally Leitner. All in all, it was a great activity to get fit and strengthen the friendship bond among the students and teachers of SMK St Teresa.

Love and serve,
Priyathasyini A/P Kanan.